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Domain Name Tips and Tricks

When registering a new Domain there is more than one option of there are .com . xyz .capetown whatever your name there is a home online for you.

How long should a domain Registration take?

Usually Domain Registrations Take anywhere from 1h up to 24h for registration and deployment on Name Servers to take place.

Franchise Opportunities

Should you be interested in Reselling our Services Contact us For a Reseller Account.

Website Cleaning

Contact us or see our Maintenance Page for more info on Monthly and Once Off plans to Repair and Secure your Domain/Site.

Setup and Deployment Tips

No one ever got smarter by not practicing. With our easy to setup Deployment on almost all CMS services you can Deploy your Website in seconds with complete backend setup done.

Cloud backup Services

Our Cloud Backup Service is not just for your Site. it will backup your Phone/Laptop/Tablet almost any device with a Internet Connection that has data on.

High Quality

Hosting/Design Services

We proud ourselves on not only our work but our reputation to take on any task and complete it.

See a List of our current Partners who have decided to Build and Work with us. Loads of opportunity to bring your products to the front of the Internet Marketplace.

We are Available 24h to ensure you get the best Service Please note any after hours service calls will be charged accordingly.

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